JULY 25th – 29th , 2018


As the First Ever Rockland County Beer Week comes closer and closer we are releasing more materials to keep you better prepared for all of the events coming up! Special thanks goes out to Kyle at Defiant Brewing Company for putting the marketing materials together. Thank you Kyle! Here is the full list!

july 25th: Pre-game [@TBA]

july 26th: homebrewer showcase [@kuka]

july 26th: local brewery showcase [@ growler & gill]

july 27th: Beer Tour de Hudson Valley [@burger loft]

july 27th: beer release party [@gentle giant]

july 27th: all day music and beer fest [@growler & gill]

july 28th: Rockland brewery collab can release [@industrial]

july 28th: whole hog roast [@gentle giant]

july 28th: all collaboration everything [@ambulance brewhouse]

july 28th: summer concert bash [@defiant]

july 29th: beer brunch feat. sloop [@growler & gill]

july 29th: rockland brewery bus tour from NYC. Click below for tickets:

july 29th: rehab [@district 96]

Here is how you can get around on the 29th if you are coming from NYC!

JULY 14th! – Meadowlands RaceTrack

1 Racetrack Drive | East Rutherford, NJ |


In addition to our regular restaurant hours, come and see us at the Meadowlands Racetrack on the 14th as we take on some of the local BBQ Talent in the BATTLE FOR THE BEST BBQ 2018! Lets just say we got that extra special ingredient….. you guessed it…. ALL WOOD FIRED BBQ! Our friend Smokin Yankee will be working with us to put out some great BBQ that day as we usually do! So come on out and cheer us on as we try to take home some hardware! But overall, we are just ecstatic to share our product with more people day in and day out!

Another great week in the books this past week. We keep on learning and improving so that one day we can never stop learning and improving. One should always strive for bettering themselves and the lives of others! We have not even scratched the surface of what we are willing to achieve, but we sure are on the right track!

Catering? We thought you’d never ask! We can handle parties/graduations/corporate events up to 250 people! For your next party look no further! Shoot us an EMAIL  and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Again, thank you for your support. Everyday/Week/Month we will try to improve for you!

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