We are learning this business, it’s not easy, but we have high hopes for the future!


Well, we just put down a deposit on a 250 lb Piggy from Hemlock Hill Farms ! The Pig Roast will be on the 28th of July following our Beer Release Event of the 27th. This will be a fun time and will be open to everyone, friends, family, followers, beer nerds, and pig nerds alike! You can find out more details on our Facebook page for the event at Whole Hog Roast!

What else is new? Well, our air conditioning sucks and might be a bit undersized. We have purchased some roofing materials to reduce the load on our unit and cool the place more effectively. We apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused, but we are working to remedy the situation. Thank you for bearing with us. Soon enough we will be a fan store and will have a blowout sale at the end of the season! Stay Tuned!

Merch? Yes, we got some shirts and hats, pretty sweet too! Need some swag? $20 each. I am slowly turning into a fashionista!

Catering? We thought you’d never ask! We can handle parties/graduations/corporate events up to 250 people! For your next party look no further! Shoot us an EMAIL and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Again, thank you for your support. Everyday/Week/Month we will try to improve for you!



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