Attack of the Killer Weiners…and Julie!

Its always nice to have a visitor in the middle of the night, but 3? Even better!

Duke, Daisy, Duke’s Tongue, and my wife Julie. They all came to visit me while I was working on some measurements. The first two are Dachshunds and the last one is a human. They all bring me joy in my life and are supportive of me, as long as I give them dog treats and jewelry. Just kidding on the dog treats guys…


Someone even likes to walk around in my chalk lines. DUKE!!!! I CAUGHT YOU RED PAWED!!! It was actually kind of funny. It was like he just bought a new pair of shoes and decided to show them off in front of everyone.


But overall last night was a good chance for me to take some measurements and understand how this joint is going to take shape. If you take a look at the picture below, on the bottom right is the garage. This is where all the magic will happen. The smoker will be located in the garage along with a kegerator with 4-6 beers on tap as well as a TV so a few patrons can watch the game(s). On nice days we will be opening the garage door to let in some fresh air and sunlight. Just imagine sitting at the bar watching some delicious meats come off the smoker while watching the game on the tv and enjoying a great beer. If you travel further up on the drawing, this is where the kitchen will be and then the bar and then finally the cold box. The cold box should be able to hold about 200-300 kegs at any given time. We are researching the use of a self-pour draft system where you can pour your own beers and not have to wait in line for a bartender. Also, say you want a beer but don’t want a full beer and maybe just a sample, you can do that! You will be able to sample beers as small as you want and as big as you want. The system will measure this by the ounce. This will allow you to try as many beers as you want without having to have a full glass. From the coldbox move to the left. This is where the brewing will take place. We will only have a small brewing setup in house. We will brew most of our regular year round beers at Roscoe NY Beer Company in Roscoe, NY and will brew small batch and specialty beers in house in this area. We hope to bring you a bunch of new and interesting beers all the time as well as experimental beers. These beers will be limited in quantity, so make sure you stop in to try whatever is new on tap. If we travel a little lower on the sheet and to the left, this is where the bathrooms will be. Lets just say, this is where the hot tub time machine might go if we work out the kinks in the plumbing. The rest of the area will be the seating area. Where should I put the free popcorn machine for the kids and the parents who still want to be kids? I will find a place.


Initially we will not be utilizing the entire space. We want to focus on the quality of our product as well as the quality of our service. This will allow us to provide the total experience that we are looking to offer. I hope you are all as excited as we are. We are shooting for a late June 2016 opening. We will keep our fingers crossed. I only have 1 more week of tax season. Until then it is hard to keep you posted. After tax season it will be much easier.


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  1. Casey Scheulen
    Casey Scheulen says:

    Welcome to Pearl River! Can’t wait to enjoy your food and a beer or two after a great class at the dojo next door! 😉

    • Gentle Giant Brewing Company
      Gentle Giant Brewing Company says:

      We can’t wait either! We will be sure to work with the Tom and the dojo on creating some events that can coincide with some classes! Cheers!


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