Centerfold Steve

It is a pleasure for us at Gentle Giant Brewing Company to introduce to you the man, the myth, the brewmaster, Mr. Steven O’Neill.

Steve has partnered with us to take the helm of Brewmaster/Director of Brewing Operations. Steve comes to us with a boatload of experience from building breweries, to making outstanding beers, and winning national awards along the way.


Under the watch of Brian Pearson, partner at The Brewing Science Institute and former Head Brewer of The Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh, PA, Steve was able to learn the ropes of the brewing industry and work his way up from cleaning kegs to becoming an assistant brewer. After honing his craft for years and acquiring many technical skills along the way, Steve and the crew of The Church Brew Works were recognized at the Great American Beer Festival in 2012 as the Best Large Brewpub in the country. “In addition, The Church Brew Works won a Gold, Silver, and two Bronze medals respectively for their Ales and Lagers.


Not too long after the recognition, Steve was recruited to head south to open Bombshell Beer Company  in Holly Springs, NC from the ground up. You can see him on the left telling innocent bystanders that if they don’t respect the beer that they will suffer the consequences of listening to him sing some Taylor Swift karaoke. Many beers were enjoyed and unharmed that day.


Along the way Steve made friends. I don’t know how much he paid them, but they sure looked happy to be next to him.


Outside of the brewery, Steve enjoys the company of his soulmate Alex. Alex, we commend you. You’ve got an important person to take care of.

We are excited to have Steve on board and look forward to introducing you to many of his excellent beers.


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