About Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Brewing Company is a microbrewery, barbecue joint, and a home where you can forget about all of your worries. Our craft beers, slow smoked barbecue, and assembled playlist of music will allow you to shed the weight of whatever ails you.

Our mission is to offer you something More Than Just Craft™. We will provide you with an experience. An experience of how life should be. Refreshing, Delicious, and Simple.

Our goal is to serve you, the customer, a friend. It is our obligation to keep you thirsting for all that we currently offer and give you an inside look into what we will be coming up with next.

We invite you to browse our site and take a look at what interests you. What more is there to life than enjoying some food, beverages, and food for the soul.



Mouths Fed


FRIDAY 4 – 11
SATURDAY 12 – 11
SUNDAY 12 – 8