Residency At Rohsler’s

Come One Come All!


We are currently in the process of finalizing our local permitting and are not open at our location in Pearl River. But, that doesn’t mean you cant enjoy some delicious BBQ on the weekend at another location 15 minutes from our Headquarters!

We will be slinging BBQ for at least the next 3 weekends in Allendale, NJ at Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery!

SINK YOUR TEETH INTO MEEEEE!!!!!!!, and try not to fall asleep after!


In addition to our BBQ, Rohsler’s has a lot of events that can be enjoyed by everyone. Live Music, Hay Rides, GOATS!!!!, Face Painting, oh yeah and GOOOAAATTTTSSSS!!!!!!


The Party Starts at 11AM each Saturday and Sunday. So come hungry, get a PUMPKIN, get your face painted, and talk to some GOOOOOAAATTTSSS!!!! I swear they understand me…..





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