‘Merica the Beautiful! coming back at ya June 25th at 11am!

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In the land of the free, and home of the beer, we were proud to put ourselves out there this past weekend. You have another chance to catch us June 25th starting at 11 am.

Last Saturday was our first day of showing you what we are capable of. Delicious BBQ and Beer! We are thankful for everyone who came out to support us which encourages us to keep putting ourselves out there every weekend!

Tears of a Hipster

Beer drinkers and enthusiasts were greeted with our first beer ever, Tears Of A Hipster. TOAH is a 6.3% IPA that we brewed out at Roscoe NY Beer Co. at the beginning of June. It was kegged a couple days before being tapped and came out fantastic. With the use of a couple different hops, we were able to deliver a delicious, fresh tasting, citrusy, crushable IPA that was perfect with the summer heat. Hats off to our Brewmaster Mr. Steven O’Neill. We have another keg ready for this upcoming Saturday, June 25th. If there is any beer left over we will be around on the 26th as well. No hipsters were hurt in the making of this beer, well maybe their feelings…

Mac and Cheese

Some claim we put crack in our Mac and Cheese, but we just call it Love….. with BACON!!! 25 lbs GONE! I felt like Oprah giving out cars…. YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR!


The Ribs that came off the Lang Smoker came out delicious. So good that we blew through 20 racks in less than 2 hours. NO SAUCE NEEDED for these bad boys! Just wood and some Rub A Dub Dub, and maybe some Dubstep…

Full Chickens

Last but not least, El Pollo. The chicken came out pretty damn good too. Again, only great wood flavor and some special seasonings needed. Mmmm…. finger licking good….

Beef Rib

We will again be serving Mouthwatering BBQ and Tears of A Hipster (TOAH) on June 25th. Please come on out and have some Beers and BBQ with us. The festivities start at 11 am and go until either the beer is gone or the BBQ is gone!

This weekend we will be serving:

From the smoker:


From the tap:

  • TEARS OF A HIPSTER (TOAH) 6.3% IPA (c’mon, you know you wanna laugh)

We look forward to seeing you there.

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7 North Main Street, Pearl River, NY, 10965 – Starting at 11 am



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  1. Oakie S
    Oakie S says:

    I will most definitely be there with the family again this Sat!! Everything was delicious!! I still think you should have called the IPA “The beer has no name”. Hahahah


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